A Bio of Sorts

Hey! I'm Mig, and I'm a designer living in Chicago. I've been lucky enough to work with really great people around the country, collaborating with small design studios to bigger agencies alike. Now, I'm super stoked to have recently joined the skinnyCorp + Threadless crew as the new interactive designer dude. Aside from that, you can find me within the Chicago design community, as well as serving as the social media liaison for AIGA National. Beyond that, you can also find me contributing to CMYK Magazine and Scott Hull's Visual Ambassador. Awards and recognition are nice, but I'd rather be a give-a-damn designer that makes a difference—all while helping other young-gun creative types do the same.

A stickler for great typography, I dabble and doodle in the worlds of print, web, motion and user interface. I'm often engaged in conversations about key frames, motion blur, letterpress, small caps and why Internet Explorer can't do any good besides break the box model. That, and I slightly obsess over street photography.

Beyond design, I like getting my hands into other creative endeavors. Good writing is just as important to me as good design. I'm all about embracing social media—and yes—chocolate chip cookies are indeed the way to my heart.

Get in Touch

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You can also call or text me at +1 (630) 802 2153.
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Two Truths and a Lie

Just for fun, pick the lie.


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